After School Program (Bilingual and Music)

Afterschool Enroll Form

We provide 10% tuition discount (>$400 saving) if sign up for the whole school year before March 2nd, 2018. Seats are limited

Canon Education provides a fun, caring, learning environment for school-age kids. We offer a widely varied curriculum, with core areas, supplementing your child’s learning experience. Our well-trained and caring staff instructs the students’ learning of Music, Chinese, English, and Math as well as to build character.

Music: We believe music should be part of our daily activities; it brings the joy of life. The program includes two music classes (choir class and music appreciation class) every week. Children will enjoy singing with friends, while also learning about instruments, and famous musicians (e.g. Mozart, Haydn, etc.). We also provide onsite group and private music lessons.

Academic Mandarin Chinese: Providing Traditional Chinese (正體中文班), Simplified Chinese (簡體中文班) and Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL/華語班) for options to best-fit our student’s needs. Each Chinese class has a maximum of 14 students from kindergarten to 5th grade. Students will be placed in their class based on their Chinese level and age. It is our teachers’ goal to enhance student’s knowledge of Chinese language and culture.

English: As a supplement to school, we reinforce and practice English reading and writing through the use of fun games and activities. Students’ vocabulary is increased in conjunction with our Special Projects, and Thematic Units.

Homework Help: We provide assistance, guidance and encouragement for homework assignments from school. The students’ spelling and math homework provide a basis for many fun activities that reinforce their schoolwork.

Moral Education: Addresses topics of good behavior such as Honor, Respect, Friendship, Courage, Responsibility, Good Sportsmanship, Diligence, Helping Others, Taking Turns, Sharing and Caring.

Growing Enrichment Class Options: We are constantly seeking fun and excellent add-on classes to build up our strong enrichment class program (e.g. Art, Science, Etc.). Our programs allow students to develop their creativity, and transferable skills such as following directions, manual dexterity, visualization, and recycling and environmental awareness. Students can have fun and enjoy their elective classes.

Talk to our store representative to obtain more detail about camp starting time, or download Afterschool Enroll Form and mail or email to us for enrollment.